What are the Responsibilities of a General Construction Contractor?

General Construction Contractor

A general contractor is accountable for a plethora of details throughout the construction project. They document every significant change and conversation, acting as the critical contact person between the client and other parties involved in the construction. 

Every construction project is a unique endeavor and involves a distinctive set of multi-functional roles of a general contractor. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a competent contractor capable of quick decision-making and managing uncertainties. Here are some typical responsibilities of a general construction contractor:

Project planning and management

A general contractor handles the proactive planning and tracking of the tasks required to complete the project. They manage the labor-work, resources, and cost baselines according to the specifications and schedules of the contract. Following are several complementary activities that a general manager needs to perform to accomplish the construction work:

  • Ensuring smooth flow of funds and inventories
  • Booking reports and progress updates
  • Payment of vendors and subcontractors
  • Testing and inspection schedules   
  • Using quality control and cost-effective construction methods

Handling work-site operations

It is the responsibility of a general manager to ensure the smooth flow of daily operations. It includes monitoring the project regarding work quality, progress reports, schedule, and other project-related details, including sub-contractor chores. The contractor is also responsible for obtaining the permissions from the concerned authorities to provide premise security, arrange temporary facilities, site cleaning, and manage waste. 

Availing building materials and necessary equipment

The general contractor provides all the building materials and necessary equipment for the project work based on contract terms. The contractor must verify the vendors while keeping in mind the client’s expectations and the project budget. He should also do the quality and quantity check of the materials coming to the construction site.

Coordinating subcontractors, vendors, and consultants

Many skill-specialized sub-contractors and design consultants are appointed to carry out specific works along with different vendors and suppliers. During the construction project, the general contractor’s role is to maintain the coordination, management, and sequence between all such parties. They deliver all the relevant information from the employers to the sub-contractors, consultants, and vendors.

Managing health, safety, and legal issues

General contractors have a handful of responsibilities in terms of legal and regulatory issues. They ensure the fulfillment of legal and local regulatory standards and building codes during the entire construction process. The contractor must assure the health and safety of the construction site workers by raising awareness and implementing the incumbent drills and procedures. They are also responsible for preventing accidents, manage emergencies and unforeseen situations arising due to misuse of machinery and equipment.  

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